Reading & Reflection Room

During the E.gress tour where possible, a reading and reflection room was incorporated into the exhibition where visitors could take time to sit, relax, read and respond to the artwork. This space included books, video, sketch materials and audio description. As well as serving as an opportunity to linger and to reflect, this space also offered a means for visitor’s to respond to the work.

Irish Museum of Modern Art IMMA (Dublin) reading/reflection room

Response Room at IMMA

Butler Gallery (Kilkenny) reading/reflection room

Reading and REsponse Room at butler Gallery, Killkenny

BUTLER -1- E.gress-Kilkenny.ButlerGallery-PhotobyNicPiper-14


Belltable (Limerick) reading/reflection room

Reading and REsponse Room in Limerick

LIMERICK-2-E.gress.Film-Limerick.May 12.2016.photoByHenneke_Andreae-15

LIMERICK-3-E.gress-LimerickMay 12.2016.ByHenneke_Andreae-11.19

The Model (Sligo) reading/reflection space

Response room at Model Sligo



model-4-response -11

Photographs by Henneke Andreae / Nic Piper / Marie Brett


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