image still from egress film

What is E.gress?

E.gress is a filmic artwork.

It was produced by artist Marie Brett working with musician Kevin O’Shanahan following an intensive collaboration with the Alzheimer Society of Ireland. The work was informed by ideas of how ambiguous loss theory relates to an experience of dementia.


A powerful affecting film

Seán O’Sullivan, writer / curator

Edgy and extremely worthwhile … Honoring the human condition

Jon Hinchcliffe, Alzheimer Society of Ireland

E.gress tackles one of the more difficult aspects of ageing.
Its strength is its concern with humanity rather than the disease’s pathology.

Helen O’Donoghue, IMMA

This multi-layered film, a portrait of living moments on life’s edge, invites us to contemplate loss, love and life itself

Marie Brett


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